Introduction to this site

Do you have an old rod that has a special significance to you but the rod is literally falling apart? The guides are falling off, the tiptop is loose, and the reel seat spins circles around the rod.

You may have been told:
- You can't rebuild a graphite rod
- It's a very difficult task.
- You need lots of experience to do this.
- It costs a lot of money.

All of these are FALSE!
Old and New - The Sage is 25 year old!

We are here to help you find the answers and debunk the myths and do it without breaking the bank.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be building a site on the steps and methods you can use to rebuild your rod.  We'll start first with "How to tell if your rod is worth rebuilding?".

Sure we could sell you our services and it's even possible that you may want us to complete portions of your project.  We'll be there if you need us.  But the fact of the matter is that part of fishing is the entire experience.  If you build your own rod, take it to your fishing hole and use it to catch a nice fish, the sense of accomplishment is extremely self-gratifying.  What more could we want than to promote fishing!

We know that everyone won't build their own rods and that's where our rod building services come in.  But if can help more anglers build their experiences and share those experiences with others, it helps everyone involved.

Keep in mind that we are not going pull punches on what is technically possible.  If it can't be done, then we'll tell you!  But sometimes we'll tell you it CAN be done, no matter who you talked to.

Also, one final point - this blog is NOT going to be glitzy and glamorous.  That's what GeeksFishToo is for.  We'll entertain you there and keep you engaged.  If you're looking for that here, you're in the wrong place.  This blog and forum is for the fisherman who wants to learn the HOW and the WHY of what rebuilding a rod is all about. It will be technical and wordy and WE EXPECT COMMENTS.

We look forward to serving our fellow fishermen and fisherwomen out there.

To start, if you have any questions that you want answers to, please email and ask!  I will do my best to answer any rod building related question!  Sarah also will be writing some articles that apply to the things she has mastered.  Look for her articles in the near future!

Enjoy and as always,

Tight lines Y'all!

Mike&Sarah Van Nattan
Hill Country Fishing Rods

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